Creating Lovability

How can you invest your product or service with “lovability” and create devotion in your customers? Here are some options:

  • Love it yourself. If you’re not passionate about it, how can you engender passion in another?
  • Know your market. Markets are made up of people, not statistics. Spend time with your market before you offer your product.
  • Be patient. Give people time to react and respond to your product.
  • Design it well. Design adds value and meaning to your product. Visual communication should be consistent and noble. Don’t rely on your own sense of style; invest in custom design created by an expert designer.
  • Be inspiring. In general, people take hold of things they believe will make their lives better. Address that potential. Surround your product or service with words and images that speak to their needs and desires.
  • Be genuine. Don’t promise anything that can’t be delivered.
  • Be consistent. Staying power is important in building a brand and marketing. Plan regular connections over time with your audience, but don’t wear out your welcome. Change it up every so often.
  • Be responsible. Listen to what people say about your product, both pro and con. Follow up. Fix what needs fixing.

What are some of the ways you create lovability?